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Martha Quinn: As I was driving into the office, for some reason (perhaps it was a Huey Lewis & the News song on the radio) I thought again of that guest post Fred Graver wrote for Jeff Jarvis’ blog. The line I thought of was this: “Amanda – I’ve got two words for you: Martha Quinn.” It made me wonder if that mention could be the best publicity she’s received in years. (However, she is part of a where are they now lineup on Sirius. Then I thought I should help her out by adding to this post the Technorati tag . (Speaking of Martha Quinn, I wonder what ever happened to Adam Curry.)

Update: Thanks likely to a link to this post from Dave Winer, a celebrity commenter (or funny imitator who knows Adam’s somewhat famous IP address) lets me know what he’s been doing lately. (See comments.)

Update II: Note to those who have never read this weblog before. Here’s a link to a couple of dozen or so posts in which I mention Adam Curry. It was a joke, okay. In fact, the first time I mentioned Adam Curry on this blog was September 29, 2004. That was the first day I’d ever heard of podcasting. Indeed, on that day, according to Doc Searls, a Google search of the term “podcasts” returned 24 results. 24. Today — 19 months later — there are 380 million results. 

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7 thoughts on “Martha Quinn

  1. “(Speaking of Martha Quinn, and I wonder what ever happened to Adam Curry.)”


  2. Rex,

    Amanda seems to be doing well using her RocketBoom fame as a launching pad for the next gig.

    I’ll bet if anyone digs in Martha Quinn’s story deeper they’d find that she opted out of the spotlight… fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and you pay a price for that level of visibility. Even some A-List bloggers can attest to the change in the way people treat you after you become a bit of an icon.

    Adam Curry made a clear decision to avoid becoming “talent” and to use his talents to change the business models of media. I think Amanda will pattern a lot of her choices around Adam’s ideas of small production team media… tho’ she’d likely take an acting gig if it promised a huge change in lifestyle and the chance to reach a huge audience. You could imagine many podcasters might jump into MSM if an offer was made.

    Amanda’s work in front of the camera speaks for itself and I think she’s going to be making money with her talent… again, soon.

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