zefrank knows him some ugly

zefrank knows him some ugly: Has some beautiful things to say about ugly on “the show” today.


“Regardless of what you might think, the actions you take to make your MySpace page ugly are pretty sophisticated. Over time, as consumer-created media engulfs the ‘other kind’ it’s possible that completely new norms will develop around the norms of talent and artistic ability.”

Thanks, zefrank, for thinking about ugly so I don’t have to.

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One thought on “zefrank knows him some ugly

  1. Before ugly was pretty, there was the pretty you found on sites people designed themselves. It was a sophisticated pretty that became a different kinda ugly when Google made ugly cool enough for everybody to strip back down to our underwear. But just when you thought animated cursors were dead, MySpace makes the old ugly pretty again in a retro ugly kinda way. My head hurts.

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