Mark Cuban is doing some fine blogging tonight

Mark Cuban is doing some fine blogging tonight Fine, as in: I wonder what the fine is going to be for this?


“(The) AAU is like a meat market at the top levels. A brothel with pimps might be a better description, but it comes down to who can get who paid by who at a far bigger premium than how to develop boys into men and into basketball players. What is worse, is that the only reason the AAU brothel exists is because High School summer rules are ridiculous. In trying to not give any one team a competitive advantage, and who knows whatever else they are trying to accomplish, they turned lose the pimps on their most talented kids. And then there is the NCAA. Has there ever been a more hypocritical, half ass backward organization when it comes to “trying to protect the student athlete”? America is the home of the American Dream where with hard work and initiative you can be anything you want, unless you want to be an athlete. For athletes in NCAA schools, it’s more like communist Russia where they assign a 4 year plan and so many work rules you expect Lenin to show up on the court with a whistle and a compliance officer.”

As long as Mark Cuban is using it to rant like this, no way is the Internet boring.

Sidenote: In looking for a website to link “AAU” to, I discovered they have a national championship for clogging. No pimping with that bunch, for sure.

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2 thoughts on “Mark Cuban is doing some fine blogging tonight

  1. mark has always told it like it is even if were talkin basketball or movie theaters,he’s always on.

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