Dave Winer didn’t like my movie recommendation

Dave Winer didn’t like my movie recommendation: Dave saw Superman in iMax 3D and wonders what the heck I was thinking. (Sorry.) For me, the excitement came from being overwhelmed by the giant screen and being immersed and surrounded by the sound and 3D. As I said then, it was the experience, not the movie plot. Oh, and I experienced plenty of vertigo. I do agree with Dave on two things: Finder Neverland is a great movie (I saw it for the first time on cable recently) and Spiderman 2 provides more vertigo thrills (and is an all-round much better movie).

Here, I’ll try to make it up to Dave and anyone else disappointed with that movie suggestion with this double feature recommendation based on my serendipitous movie-watching of the past week. Go see Andy Garcia’s (very) long, but surprisingly compelling film, The Lost City and then watch one of the greatest movies of all time, The Godfather, Part II. In both movies, Havana on New Year’s Eve, 1958, makes for riveting drama. (But based on my attempt to watch it once more, skip The Godfather, Part III — it’s as bad as you remember — despite, ironically, a good performance by Andy Garcia.)

4 thoughts on “Dave Winer didn’t like my movie recommendation

  1. Hi Rex, I thought long and hard whether I should write an opposing viewpoint, and decided it would be wrong not to. I still like you, but I might not take your movie recommendations in the future (which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to make them). Some people like that kind of crap. Me, I prefer a good plot and some action.

  2. BTW, how much you want to bet that the next movie in the Superman series is called Superboy?

  3. Thanks, Dave. I have a practice of telling people in my off-line world to never judge me by the movies I like.

  4. That’s good advice. And we agree on the Godfather III. The first GF movie is one of my two favorite movies of all time, the other being Casablanca. But GF III is one of the very small number of movies I actually walked out on it was so bad. In contrast, I stayed all the way to the end of the Superman movie, even though I was bored by the plot and angered by the dumb cliches. Onward!

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