Actual office conversation

Actual office conversation: For some reason I can’t recall, the topic of weekend celebrity sightings came up at the Monday morning meeting at Hammock Publishing in Nashville. I don’t make this stuff up, but the following sounds like dialog from a comic strip:

Person 1: “I saw Nicole and Keith at Starbucks.”

Person 2: “Really, I saw Kid Rock wearing a confederate flag T-shirt riding his motorcycle down Murphy Road.”

Person 3: “I saw the governor of Tennessee, by himself and casually dressed, looking through the magazine section at Davis-Kidd.”

Person 4: “(Country music star)’s son ran over my grandmother’s mailbox.”

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4 thoughts on “Actual office conversation

  1. I have already been introduced several times during my visit to to the UK by someone i’ve just met with, “this is lewis; he lives near nicole kidman” (not really true except in the greater west nashville sense of “near”) and at first they are amazed, and then the follow up question is always someone wanting to know who this keith fellow is and if i think they are a good match. they sure do love american celebrities over here.

  2. I should have mentioned in the staff meeting that I saw Nicole Kidman at Barnes & Noble last Saturday. We were right next to each other in the new release section. My husband didn’t have much to say about it except that she has really good posture.

  3. Your husband is a wise man. If I was with my wife and saw Nicole Kidman, I doubt I’d be smart enough to come up with that “posture” comment.

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