Futurologist goes way out on a limb

Futurologist goes way out on a limb: This just in: “Publishers must embrace digital age: “A futurologist has warned the magazine industry that it needs to personalise content, embrace technology and tackle competition from non-traditional publishers to survive in the digital world.”

(Note, I work with a noted futurologist who has been making such wildly outrageous predictions [i.e., ‘computers will play a more-and-more important role in our lives in the future’] for years.)

2 thoughts on “Futurologist goes way out on a limb

  1. Note to Publishers: Marketting and sales has found this thing called the Internets last night. You can read whatever you want, whenever you want. In lieu, we’re offering early retirement to anyone who wants out before we suit up to bleed ourselves to the penny fighting change.

  2. Today’s headline: “NYT to cut paper size and close plant” – excerpt: “The Times will join a list of several other papers from The Washington Post to the Los Angeles Times that have reduced their size as they cut newsprint and other production costs and try to stem a loss of readers and advertising to the Internet and other media.”

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