My Wal-Mart Space

My Wal-Mart Space: (From “Desperate to appeal to teens with something other than pencils and backpacks during the crucial back-to-school season, Wal-Mart is launching a highly sanitized, controlled and rather unhip site at” (or,

My take space: Dorky, sanitized, controlled and unhip as it may be, Wal-Mart will learn more than other marketers who aren’t trying things like this. (Wait. Was that me who just said something positive about Wal-Mart?).


One thought on “My Wal-Mart Space

  1. It looks kind of like they copied the American Eagle Outfitters “Live Your Life” contest. I agree, they’re making a good start towards shedding the “I’ll get beat up if I wear Wal-Mart clothes to school!” image.

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