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Video blogging tutorials: Johnnie Tech is video blogging short tutorials on how to use Treos. This reminds me of the suggestion Philip Torrone made recently at Bloggercon IV that people share a weekly “how-to” with others.

(Thanks to Robert Scoble.)

Update: Speaking of tutorials, I’ve been experimenting with some Mac-based tools designed for capturing and sharing screencasts. I’m not quite ready for prime time, but I’m going to start posting (not here, but elsewhere) some very short video tutorials related to posting content on, which runs on the not-so-intuitively-user-friendly mediawiki platform. I’m using Snapz Pro X to capture the audio and video and after first thinking I would edit in iMovie, have determined it better to edit in Quicktime Pro. iMovie works fine if you’re shooting digital video, but if your using it to edit Quicktime clips you’ve recorded via Snapz, the clips degrade in resolution when being imported into iMovie. I’m sure there’s a technical reason for this — or, perhaps, I was too impatient to figure out what I was doing wrong — however, the Quicktime Pro version works better for me in creating the simple screencast-type of video that I’m interested in.

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2 thoughts on “Video blogging tutorials

  1. Hey Rex, If you’re into screencasts, checkout my weekly video podcast that is all about screencasts. It’s screencastsonline and has been in existance since August of last year – theres over 60 screencasts now available for download mainly for mac users.


  2. Don, I was certain that I had linked to your site before when I first read your comment. I have been remiss. Yes, I have known of your screencasts since you started and have watched many of them. They are great.

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