Missing the point

Missing the point: First, let me say I love great graphic design. Several extremely talented graphic designers work at Hammock Publishing. Their work is honored each year with many design awards. So, please, don’t consider it an insult of graphic design when I say it is fruitless to look for meaning in any correlation between a weblog’s design and its Technorati ranking.

Why? Because bloggers (those who generate the links that influence those rankings) are (and I’m making an educated guess here) are often users of RSS news readers (I used to think all bloggers were until some of them informed me that no, they still surf). In other words, they can easily be linking to weblogs they never actually see. For those who don’t use an RSS newsreader, the screen shot above is how I look at web news stories and blog posts — I rarely visit many of the blogs or news websites I monitor. My point: While I am a fan of well-designed weblogs, the design of a weblog or website is not going to be what generates incoming links — it’s what’s being posted that counts.

(By the way, I use “folders” to organize the feeds on my RSS news reader (as displayed above). The reader I prefer, NetNewsWire, will also display feeds in a “River of News” way as discussed today by the developer of FeedDemon, Nick Bradbury. Note for less geeky readers of the rexblog: FeedDemon is a newsreader for Windows, NetNewsWire is a newsreader for the Mac. They are both now owned by a company called Newsgator. They are programs that reside on your computer, however, you can set them up to automagically synch with Newsgator.com so that if you are not at your computer, you can still monitor the new content appearing on websites you follow — or RSS feeds related to keywords that may be important to you or your business. And somehow — this is the magic part — when you read something on your desktop version, the online version knows you’ve read it.

Bonus: You should set up an RSS newsreader is a somewhat dated post from a year or so ago.

The Wall Street Journal to put ads on the front page

The Wall Street Journal to put ads on the front page: (From the New York Times) So what? There are ads on the front page of WSJ.com. There are ads on the front page of the NYTimes.com. There are ads at the front of TV shows, including those on PBS that say, “this show is brought to you by…” There are ads on front of most of the blogs that may suggest there’s something shocking about this. My only question is what took them so long and why are they calling the ad format a “jewel box” — is the reference to CD cases?

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What’s scarier?

What’s scarier? That I’m posting this from a moving car or that the 15-year-old is driving it?

Update: That has an easy answer: as soon as I hit the publish key, he ran up against the curb — no problem, but I’m signing off from this white knuckle blogging.