Announcing the rexblog junk food store

Announcing the rexblog junk food store: While I don’t run ads on rexblog (inside secret: rexblog is an ad), I’ve always had a link over on the right-hand column to my affiliate store. While I think I’ve earned $1.85 from it during the past year, I still keep it over there to remind me that I should use it when I order something from Amazon. However, today, I’m glad to announce that because I’ve kept that affiliate link, I can now have an official place where you can order snacks to eat while reading this advertisement weblog. Don’t know what to order? How ’bout one hundred Slim Jims for $14.50.

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One thought on “Announcing the rexblog junk food store

  1. Sorry, Rex. No can do. They don’t carry MoonPies, which would seem to disqualify it as a Southern solution.

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