Really, go see this

Really, go see this: Last night, I pointed to One in the Hand, maintained by Johnnie Tech, who’s posting video tutorials on how to use the newest versions of the Treo. Since I recently got one, it naturally hit my radar when Robert Scoble posted a link to Johnnie Tech’s website. This afternoon, I finally got around to watching one of his short lessons, and BOO-YA: If you’re in marketing, and you’re still wondering what all this personal media stuff has to do with anything, check out Johnnie’s tutorial on how to set up speed dialing keys. Hint: You don’t need to have a Treo to enjoy it. I have no idea who Johnnie Tech is — he could be empoyed by Palm or Sprint for all I know. However, if he’s not, he should be. Boo-ya.

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One thought on “Really, go see this

  1. Thanks for the kind words Rex. I currently do work for an entity of Airport Wireless/Palm but my knowledge just comes from the love of devices. Feel free to stop by anytime and leave comments or a request of what you may want to see on a video cast. See you around the blogosphere, Boo-yah!!

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