Really, go see this

Really, go see this: Last night, I pointed to One in the Hand, maintained by Johnnie Tech, who’s posting video tutorials on how to use the newest versions of the Treo. Since I recently got one, it naturally hit my radar when Robert Scoble posted a link to Johnnie Tech’s website. This afternoon, I finally got around to watching one of his short lessons, and BOO-YA: If you’re in marketing, and you’re still wondering what all this personal media stuff has to do with anything, check out Johnnie’s tutorial on how to set up speed dialing keys. Hint: You don’t need to have a Treo to enjoy it. I have no idea who Johnnie Tech is — he could be empoyed by Palm or Sprint for all I know. However, if he’s not, he should be. Boo-ya.

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Announcing the rexblog junk food store

Announcing the rexblog junk food store: While I don’t run ads on rexblog (inside secret: rexblog is an ad), I’ve always had a link over on the right-hand column to my affiliate store. While I think I’ve earned $1.85 from it during the past year, I still keep it over there to remind me that I should use it when I order something from Amazon. However, today, I’m glad to announce that because I’ve kept that affiliate link, I can now have an official place where you can order snacks to eat while reading this advertisement weblog. Don’t know what to order? How ’bout one hundred Slim Jims for $14.50.

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iTunes movie rentals

iTunes movie rentals: Think Secret is reporting that Steve Jobs will announce a “rental” model of iTunes Store movie downloads at the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, August 7.


It is not known exactly how the coding system will work, but industry experts tell Think Secret that the software would likely either limit the number of playbacks or provide unlimited viewing for a period of time, after which the movie will be “turned off” and no longer available….Apple had been trying for months to persuade the movie studios that the a-la-carte model of buying individual titles, as the iTunes Music Store offers with music, was the way to go. The studios, however, have been fixed on offering only a subscription or rental-based model.

My take: This is a situation where good is the enemy of great — but it may be the only way to get there. As in the previous post, I mentioned a helpful tool Snapz, that allows me to record screencasts. (Hint to the hard of understanding: It is a means to record all the video and audio taking place on ones computer — like, in theory, when a video is playing on it.) If I can’t “own” the movie I download, why couldn’t I as a consumer, use a tool like that to record (as I can on my digital video recorder) what I rent so that I can watch it when I want to watch it? In the U.S., the Supreme Court has granted me that privilege, so I’m not suggesting anything illegal. Placating the movie studios with some easy to work-around DRM scheme is, perhaps, Apple’s role in moving things forward. I’ll postpone further rants until I actually try the new service out.

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