Soon, we’ll be talking about real money

Soon, we’ll be talking about real money: I rarely blog industry personnel moves or business transactions on this weblog (I leave those to Staci and Rafat and many others). I especially eschew VC funding announcements. Nothing personal, it’s just not news that interests me. However, when an entrepreneur whose blog I subscribe to and enjoy, Jason Goldberg of, uses his blog to announce his company has raised $18 million in new financing (for a total of $50 million during the past two years), well that’s news. But what makes it significant to me is that the latest round is from Reed Elsevier Ventures, the venture arm of the largest business-to-business publisher in the U.S. and (I’m guessing on the world). Again, because I don’t follow closely “the transactions” of Web 2.0 (except the big ones and a few acqhires), I can’t say for certain if this is the first significant investment by a major B-to-B media company in a high profile Web 2.0 (or New Web) company that is at its later-stage of starting up. Anyway, I find this personally interesting and may be significant news for a small slither of folks who read this weblog. And while I don’t know him personally, I feel I do, so congratulations, Jason.

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