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Free fiddle greatness tonight: [see note at bottom for photo credit] If you like great fiddle music and you’re in Nashville tonight, there are a couple of options beyond the guaranteed go-to destination, The Station Inn, where you can hear great fiddle (and mandolin, etc.) music nearly every night of the year — tonight included. In addition to that mecca of bluegrass, tonight at the historic Ryman auditorium, as part of their summer “Blue Grass Series,” you can hear (watch? — he’s got the whole showman thing mastered) Marty Stuart, along with Alecia Nugent (7:30, $20.50, Location: Ryman).

However, here’s a suggestion for a free alternative that I doubt is publicized anywhere else (but it’s okay, I checked and it’s free and open to the public — and they gave me permission to spread the word). Tonight, at Ingram Center Turner Hall at Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music, there’s a “faculty concert” that is one of the amazing highlights of the annual Blair School International Fiddle School. While I’m not sure all of the faculty listed below will be performing, I’ve attended in years past and can guarantee that if you’re into any form of fiddle music, from celtic to heavy metal (no kidding), you’ll hear some of the greats playing. Again, I’m not sure if all will be performing, but any one of them is worth going to hear:

  • Crystal Plohman: She’s the head of the fiddle program at Blair and former Canadian fiddle champion — and I’ve spent a million hours sitting in the corner of lessons she’s given.
  • Liz Carroll: Celtic fiddler, extraordinaire.
  • Brian Wicklund: Creator of the American Fiddle Method of instruction.
  • Randy Elmore: Western swing.
  • Randy Sabien: Jazz.
  • Buddy Spicher: Living legend.
  • Mark Wood: Rock.
  • Daniel Carwile: Former grand master fiddle contest champion (and rexblog favorite).
  • (7:00 p.m., Free, Location: Ingram Center Turner Hall at Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music, 2400 Blakemore, across from dragon park.)

    Photo Credit Contest: The photo accompanying this post is a shot of a new violin recently purchased by a Nashville blogger who admits not having the time for a new hobby. Who is the blogger-fiddler? The first commenter with the correct answer gets two tickets to tonight’s free concert.

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