Quick takes before I step on a plane

Quick takes before I step on a plane:

  • I’m liking having bluetooth access from my PowerBook to a phone with Ev-Do (although I’m going to start calling it “mobile broadband” so I don’t have to remember what another geek acronym stands for and which letters to capitalize). However, it does cut-out in a way that reminds me of the dial-up days. I’ve already saved two wi-fi fees and where I’m sitting now at Reagan National Airport there is no wifi at all, paid or free.

  • Shared “faculty” duties all day with Scott Karp of Publishing2 (and his day job at National Journal), along with Ed Sussman, who runs Inc.com and Fastcompany.com and Alec Dann, head of the online part of PostNewsweek Tech Media. We do it again in Atlanta on August 14.
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