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Geeky discovery: (Apologies to those who think the following seems like I discovered the obvious.) With a few hours in an airport and on a plane last evening, I wasted some time continuing my Treo 700p discovery tour. While the phone’s 1.3 MP camera is far superior to my previous Treo’s camera, it’s still not my camera of choice — no flash or zoom, for instance. I typically have my Cannon PowerShot SD-600 with me (geez, I feel like this post is filled with product placements) and use it for photos and quick videos. While messing around with the phone, I noticed that it uses the same size memory card as my camera and wondered what would happen if I put the card from my camera into the slot on my phone? In one of those rare moments of gadget bliss, I discovered that my phone’s camera software read the photo and video files from my camera and that I could use Sprint’s (gee, my third brand mention in one post) photo mail to post a photo from my camera’s memory card to my Flickr (four) account. Having mobile broadband enabled me to upload this 1.5 MB photo in less than a minute.

Bonus link: Johnnie Tech shows how to transfer MP3 files from your computer to a memory card to listen to with a Treo and about mid-way through the video asks, “Who is Robert Scoble?” (Gotta love it.)

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3 thoughts on “Geeky discovery

  1. The problem with your product placements is that I am going to end up buying a Treo 700p. I am trying to hold off.

  2. lol….thanks for the blast on not knowing Robert Scoble ..ha ha.. Thanks for the bonus link. Let me know if you have any quick tip questions that you’d like to see a videocast on.

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