Mystery bad word

Mystery bad word: At lunch, while skimming the print Wall Street Journal, I noticed the paper used “s—s” for, I’m guessing, the word “sucks.” After seeing Brittney Gilbert’s post on the profanity policy (or lack, thereof) at Nashville is Talking, I wondered if “spelled” the word any differently online. Online (it requires a paid-subscription, but try it anyway.), the word is even more mysterious because rather than using the “long dash” as they do in print, they use two hyphens “–” making it look like the individual being quoted, Robert Sutton, is saying: “Working for yes men ‘just s–s.'” Is there a crossword puzzler out there who can help me decipher the following four-letter profanity: s–s.

By the way, Robert Sutton, or “Bob” to those of us who read his blog, has a book coming out in 2007. Its title will challenge the copy editors at the Wall Street Journal.