My vegetables are blogging

My vegetables are blogging: Some bloggers post photos of their kids or pets. Over the past four months, I’ve been posting photos of my rookie attempts at growing vegetables. This week, the tomatoes are starting to fully ripen. Nashville food blog Fixin’ Super’s Laura Creekmore instructed me to not pick the tomatoes too early — and I’ve followed her recommendation. Planting and tending the little garden has been fun and after the initial effort, it has been something that only requires a few moments in the early morning or late afternoon. At some point, I’ll list numerous things I’ve learned from doing it. However, one of the funniest things I learned was that the run-away bushes I thought were okra are actually squash. (I could have referred back to this photo and known better.)

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  1. Rex, I’m jealous of your produce. Apparently leaving the country for two weeks and having friends “promise” to water your vegetable garden doesn’t cut it when it’s a million degrees outside the entire time you’re gone, but I think i just might have come back in time to save things.

  2. Some Native American acquaintances once returned thanks at a dinner where they thanked the spirits of the fruit, veggies, fish and meat we were about to consumer, for yielding up their lives in order for us to live. It made the act of consuming the food both more intimate and less burdened with questions of whether we had the right. I always found that kind of feeling when i raised veggies – never a sense of “cannibalism” at all, but more of oneness.

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