Backpack adds a calendar

Backpack adds a calendar: My ego-RSS-feeds were pinging me earlier with this nice shout-out from Jason Fried, so I checked in with him and in an e-mail exchange, discovered that Backpack users will have something to cheer about later tonight. I was going to wait for some official announcement, but since it’s live already and you can even watch a screencast about it, here’s the rexblog’s first-ever Web 2.0 scoop: the Backpack calendar feature. Here’s a screenshot:

Update: Speaking of firsts, this weblog has received its first-ever credit from TechCrunch for a scoop. Note: I feel this is pretty much it when it comes to my Web 2.0 scoops. I can now retire and going back to posting about bluegrass music and my tomatoes.

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2 thoughts on “Backpack adds a calendar

  1. Ah, the power of social networking. Which ego feed was it that tripped the trigger?

  2. I have an RSS feed of a search of my name that turned it up. I have some others set up — Steve Rubel has a post somewhere with a list of ways to do it. The Feedster one seems to work good if the word your are tracking appears in a weblog.

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