Chasing ones long tail (or, why journalists should blog)

Chasing ones long tail (or, why journalists should blog): Yesterday, I pointed out that a number-crunching debate (a slide-rule duel?) was going to erupt over the Lee Gomes Wall Street Journal piece critical of aspects of Chris Anderson’s book, The Long Tail. Because he blogs, Anderson was able to have a very civil rebuttal posted by the time most people were first reading the WSJ column online (what? you mean people can read it in print). As I predicted, the “coversation” surrounding the article shifted away from the walled-off environs of and onto Chris’s website and the blogosphere. The fascinating (sad?) sidebar to this is that when Lee Gomes responded to the blogosphere’s fisking of his column, it was via an e-mail to Nick Carr. (I guess he could have chosen John Dvorak.)

Bonus link: BusinessWeek journalist Steven Baker’s post from last Saturday has some thoughts on why journalists should blog.

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  1. now i want to know what the exact words of the statistician and the economist were. if only they blogged. reminds me of a joke: if a statistician and an economist were on a desert island… oh never mind.

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