Happy birthday, Doc

Happy birthday, Doc: Doc Searls turns 59 today.


“I started blogging when I was 52, I just figured out. For whatever that’s worth.”

A couple of years ago, Jeff Jarvis used a few other bloggers and me as poster-children for “older bloggers.” At the time, it was just a few weeks after I’d turned 50, so I thought the reference was especially humorous. On a few occasions, I’ve seen Doc write or say: “Everything you know me for, I did after the age of 50.” I’m now the age Doc was when he started blogging — and his was the first blog I ever saw and was the reason I started this one — but as Doc obviously does, I feel there’s so much about life that makes me still feel like a kid in a candy store.

Side note: I just noticed that the Doc Searls entry in Wikipedia is a stub, which in wikipediaspeak, is, “an article that is too short to be genuinely useful, but not so short as to be useless.” I think his birthday would be a good day to add some useful information to it. (And for once, I’m not being sarcastic here — none of this, please): I’m suggesting legit, documented information from those who are aware of Doc’s accomplishments and role in chronicling and articulating the changing role of customers in a networked marketplace.

Bonus link: RSS feed that will track changes of Doc’s wikipedia entry. (Click on the “history” page of any wikipedia entry and in the left-hand column, you can find a link to its RSS feed.)

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