Wikimania, etc.

Wikimania, etc.: I will be in Boston (Cambridge) attending Wikimania from Friday (although I arrive in the afternoon) through Sunday and have just signed up to attend a “citizen journalism” unconference that Dan Gillmor is coordinating on Monday. This is working out quite nicely, as I’ll also be attending a convention of an association for whom we publish a magazine that is taking place in Boston at the same time.

I mention that I’ll be at Wikimania because, when I signed up, it was because of‘s use of the Mediawiki platform and what I’ve learned from the past nine months of getting a major wiki project off the ground. After immersing myself inside a wiki for about nine months, I felt the need to go hang out with some folks who are also obsessed with the topic. I doubted I’d actually know anyone attending (except Patrick Ragsdale from Hammock Publishing, who is also going).

Then, I began to notice others I know are attending Wikimania: Dave Winer, for instance. And Doc Searls. I feel there’s a gathering in the making.

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  1. I’m in! The best part about conferences is hanging out with all the smart people. 🙂

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