An must-read (and listen-to) magazine article

An must-read (and listen-to) magazine article: This online version of a Vanity Fair article about tapes of NORAD communications on 9/11 includes the ability to listen to each NORAD transmission at the point where it is written about in the article. I’m sure this has been done before, but more typically, such “multimedia” would be displayed as a sidebar. This is a case where hearing how the participants are speaking — their emotion — is as much a part of the story as what they are saying. Listening to these clips in the context of the story (and not a sidebar) is like reading a story one might hear on NPR — but being able to listen to the elements of the story that are best told with sound. It’s really remarkable story-telling.

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A really amazing feature on Podbop

A really amazing feature on Podbop: Let’s say you’re traveling to a new city or hanging out in your hometown and you want to use your iPod to listen to legally* downloaded tunes from bands and artists who will be performing soon in that town. As I’ve blogged before, using Podbop (, you can load up your iPod by subscribing to the podcast feed of that city. What’s even more amazing is this: When you are listening to a song, the screen of your iPod displays the name of the artist and tune and the date and venue of their local performance. Here’s another cool thing. Taylor McKnight, creator of Podbop (and friend) used his Flickr account to explain the feature.

*Podbop combines (mashes-up) event information with a database of links to “legit” MP3s shared by artists, typically for promotional purposes.

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Here is some wise advice – don’t believe this survey

Here is some wise advice – don’t believe this survey: An article in InformationWeek reports on a survey that found, “when given the choice, women would opt for tech items rather than luxury items like jewelry or vacations.” (I’ll skip my typical fisking of the statistics and jump straight to the common sense.) Men, what the article doesn’t reveal is whether or not the survey question had the following preamble, “When you receive a gift from your husband of boyfriend…”

I have been married 29 years and I discovered early-on that one of the secrets to a long relationship is this: Never give your wife a present that comes with an electrical cord. Even Chris Pirillo, the geekiest guy I know, has figured this out.