Here is some wise advice – don’t believe this survey

Here is some wise advice – don’t believe this survey: An article in InformationWeek reports on a survey that found, “when given the choice, women would opt for tech items rather than luxury items like jewelry or vacations.” (I’ll skip my typical fisking of the statistics and jump straight to the common sense.) Men, what the article doesn’t reveal is whether or not the survey question had the following preamble, “When you receive a gift from your husband of boyfriend…”

I have been married 29 years and I discovered early-on that one of the secrets to a long relationship is this: Never give your wife a present that comes with an electrical cord. Even Chris Pirillo, the geekiest guy I know, has figured this out.

11 thoughts on “Here is some wise advice – don’t believe this survey

  1. My wife is just a little different. She appreciates tech gifts when they are nicer than what I have. Our first valentines day I bought her a handheld that was nicer than mine. She loved it.

    Maybe it is because it really is the thought that counts. And the though of me giving her the nicer gadgets counts for a lot.

  2. Where did TRU do this survey? Was this survey conducted at a tech conference or something?

  3. I think it’s all about the expectation. I have a friend who got an iPod for Christmas when she was planning on an engagement ring. Not a pretty site. Even if it was the video iPod.

  4. I’d happily trade this computer for the newest pair of Jimmy Choo’s… Wait, this computer belongs to Rex. Nevermind.

  5. The iPod/ring problem…that is awful. There is some guy out there who really did not meet expectations. Or was massively sending off the wrong signals. I know someone who got a video iPod as a work incentive last xmas….thus ruining her boyfriend’s plans to give her the same item. She and boyfriend, however, were in tune, so to speak, on the present.

  6. My wife was taking a wood working course when we got married, so for our first anniversary I gave her a circular saw. Since then, they call me Three-finger Hudge.

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