A really amazing feature on Podbop

A really amazing feature on Podbop: Let’s say you’re traveling to a new city or hanging out in your hometown and you want to use your iPod to listen to legally* downloaded tunes from bands and artists who will be performing soon in that town. As I’ve blogged before, using Podbop (podbop.org), you can load up your iPod by subscribing to the podcast feed of that city. What’s even more amazing is this: When you are listening to a song, the screen of your iPod displays the name of the artist and tune and the date and venue of their local performance. Here’s another cool thing. Taylor McKnight, creator of Podbop (and friend) used his Flickr account to explain the feature.

*Podbop combines (mashes-up) event information with a database of links to “legit” MP3s shared by artists, typically for promotional purposes.

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  1. Glad you approve Rex 🙂

    2007’s sxsw website recently went up and im so excited already!

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