Wikimaniaing: I’m quick-stopping in Philadelphia on the way to Boston, so I’m missing the opening session of Wikimania. Fortunately, several people feeding into my newsreader are there and blogging it, including Ross Mayfield (who links to several others blogging the sessions), Doc Searls (who points to a stream of the session) and Dave Winer (who is giving shout-outs to those around him and posting, what, videoettes?) Be there this afternoon.

Another thing: For the folks back in Nashville, this morning, Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales referred to the John Sigenthaler controversy (sorry, if you don’t know what that’s about, this won’t matter) tripled the traffic to Wikipedia. I wonder if Sigenthaler, who those in Nashville know is legendary for a lifetime of accomplishments — really, an amazing man, will have this issue, which only a couple dozen people would have ever known of if he’d not used the platform of USA Today to launch a salvo at Wikipedia, will be what most of the world remembers him for.

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  1. Surely not. I hope this will just be a passing moment. What I would be more concerned about is how we’ll be teaching the history of the civil rights movement. It has really begun to fade from “current events” — at least in the sense of the movement in the 1950s and 1960s — into American history. I think it is interesting — but anecdotally I will stand behind this — our most recent history is the least known. You get to the end of the year in history class and the teacher is trying to cram in the last 100 years. Civil rights, the Cold War and two World Wars get slammed together….along with lots of other things.

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