Wikimania – Saturday morning

Wikimania – Saturday morning: …The first session is finishing up, and, frankly, I can’t do justice to Yochai Benkler‘s brilliance by trying to boil it down to a few points on this post. Maybe, I will try later. In the meantime, the photo on the left will serve as an indication of the enthusiasm Yochai brings to his intellectual and academic anaysis of “commons production.” By the way, Yochai has a wiki that accompanies his new book, The Wealth of Networks. The wiki includes a PDF of the entire book…Rishab Aiyer Ghosh is speaking now. Discussion of “self-interest” of those who contribute to Wikipedia and open-source software community. Interesting question: “Do you get out more than you put in?” Someone makes a good point: “You also learn by sharing.”…I have started a Wikimania set on my Flickr account.

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