The ROI on sending free stuff to bloggers

The ROI on sending free stuff to bloggers: According to an article in the Washington Post, Nokia cut back on traditional advertising and PR for its N-series phone and, rather, sent samples to 50 “tech savvy” amateur bloggers with a “passion for mobile phones.” The result: it drove “up sales and contributing to a 43 percent profit boost for Nokia last quarter.”

Earlier this summer, a big online hammock retailer (yes, there are lots of them) sent me a free hammock to try out. Unfortunately, as I don’t have two trees close to one another on which to mount it, I haven’t put it through our stringent rexblog lab tests. Obviously, it’s not because I blog about hammocks, rather, it was this blog’s search results ranking on the word “hammock” that influenced their decision to reach out to this outpost of the blogosphere. Other than that, I’ve turned down all offers of sample products to test.

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