Stages of grief

Stages of grief: Last night, I had dinner with Dave Winer and brought up again the issue of his decision to “quit blogging.” He suggested I might be going though some stages of grief — denial, maybe. I laughed and disagreed, but conceded I might be projecting my own discomfort with the idea of me not blogging onto his decision to stop blogging. He then told me he knew he could stop blogging because he’d stopped smoking. He then explained to me how certain things about blogging are like smoking. And, as he’s blogged, not smoking is easier than smoking. And not blogging is easier than blogging.

Later I looked at the “Kubler-Ross method” entry on Wikipedia. Okay, Dave. I’ve decided you may be right. Perhaps last night, I was on #3, bargaining. After a moment of #4, depression, I’m going to move onto #5, acceptance.

Who knows, maybe one day, I can quit too.

One thought on “Stages of grief

  1. Maybe it’s like when you are newlyweds and very close couple friends get divorced. It shocks you a little and makes you re-examine your own relationship (if even for a minute). Eventually, you get over the shock and can separate each person from the other in your mind – or a person from a blog, as in this instance. 😉

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