Citizen Journalism unconference

Citizen Journalism unconference: Today, I’ll be participating in the Citizen Journalism unconference* that Dan Gillmor, director of the Center for Citizen Media is coordinating. I’m sure it will be heavily blogged, so I’ll at least be doing some linking during the day. I’ve also got several snippets of things I’ve started during the past couple of days that I’ll probably lump together and post later today, as well.

Update [10:45 a.m., EST]: I am ‘un’officially moving all of this over to the conference wiki’s “participant coverage” section. Please go there to check out the ways you can track the seminar and add info if you’re here and blogging it.

Doc Searls is maintaining an outline (docnography) of the day.


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Bloggers here: A list of blogs by bloggers in the room — I’ll be adding to this:

  • John Joseph Bachir: The Lyceum Project
  • C.K.: Sample the Web
  • Doc Searls:
  • Lisa Williams: H2otown
  • Tish Grier: the Constant Observer
  • Robert Cox: The National Debate
  • Isable Walcott:
  • Micah Sifry: and
  • shava: and
  • Andy Carvin: Andy Carvin and
  • Lance Dutson: Maine Report
  • Kumple:
  • Travis Smith: Unvarnished (the world’s only horizontal blog)
  • Betsy Devine:
  • Dan Bricklin: Dan’s blog
  • Jason Calacanis: Jason’s blog
  • Andrew Lih: Andrew Lih’s blog
  • Rex Hammock: rexblog
  • Partial list of attendees
  • This list continues here…
  • *The “unconference” format recognizes the audience is comprised of experts — no formal panels, but rather moderators drawing out what is known by everyone in the room: the idea is to learn from one other.

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