Booming headline in Tennessean

Booming headline in Tennessean: While traveling, I always like to check-in with what’s happening back home in Nashville. This just rolled into my newsreader: “Human cannonball recovering after back spasm” – David “The Bullet” Smith, a human cannonball, went to the hospital on Saturday after being shot 150 feet out of a 35-foot cannon at the Williamson County Fair. But his father, David “Cannonball” Smith Sr. is now in town to make sure the show goes on.

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  1. There are precious few details to this story. I used to know a Dave Smith from East Tennessee. I think he lives in Texas now. He came to town a couple of years ago. He’s an engineer, computer programmer, some such. Definitely the sort who could have a hobby like human cannonballing. Right???

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