What people are searching for?

What people are searching for? As a follow-up to the debacle of AOL posting search data on the web for research purposes, someone has now created a front-end interface so that anyone can query the data (this may be slammed today). So, for example, search the word “Nashville” and you can see the kinds of words people use when looking for things in Nashville and the websites where they then click-through to. I link to this to display to those who may not know it, how everything you do on the Internet leave footsteps in the sandy silicon. For the record, I’m outraged by this.

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2 thoughts on “What people are searching for?

  1. To assume that your search queries are not being stored somewhere would be plain stupid. Of course the ordinary inexperienced web user is oblvious to that fact so you really do expect service providers like AOL to protect confidential information like that.

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