Blogging is a friend to thought

Doc Searls: “For me blogging is a friend to thought.”

Me, too. I typically find I’m a friend to whatever thoughts Doc blogs. Like what he says in the linked-to post:

“I’ve said before that for me blogging is a way to send an email that’s cc:world. But it’s not only that. Sometimes it’s a note to myself. A public reminder I might be able to find again. Insurance against the likelihood of memory loss, which all of us have, even if we don’t always suffer it. Also a way to put a placemark in some distraction while I’m doing real work that’s off-blog (a prevailing condition in my life, actually).

I’ve discovered one of the greatest unintentional benefits of this weblog is the ability it gives me to remember things I’ve filed away on it. Indeed, it is one of my great personal frustrations when I can’t easily find something that I know I’ve written about on this blog. Typically, it’s because I did not use the exact word in a post that corresponds with the topic I’m trying to recall. Or sometimes, it’s because I can’t remember what something is called. For example, I’ve been trying to remember the name of that security thing with the distorted letters. I’m posting it here so I’ll remember that it’s called a captcha. It stands for something I’ll never remember, so I’ll just link to the Wikipedia entry so that one day I can find this post that includes every word I can think of to describe those slanted letters in an image you need to login on some websites.

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3 thoughts on “Blogging is a friend to thought

  1. I’ve committed the same act a couple of times, and have even looked at a personal wiki for these bits of information, but having it on the site, with great searching capabilities, makes great sense.

  2. I’m glad to know what that thing is called too. Am I the only one who can’t read those? I could never see the 3-D puzzle in the Sunday cartoons either. I have bad nightmares of that every time I have to fill one out. That said, I have captcha on my own blog after having a ridiculous experience with robot commenters.

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