Carpet bagging citizen journalists?

Carpet bagging citizen journalists? An interesting dust-up is taking place between some New Orleans bloggers and a team of out-of-town bloggers organized by a New Orleans native currently living in Los Angeles, Prince Campbell (chartreus) who are traveling to New Orleans for a weekend and posting on a blog called

Frankly, I’m a bit torn on this issue. I applaud anyone’s efforts to focus on the needs of New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf coast. However, I also know there are plenty of New Orleans bloggers who have been steadily blogging the natural and man-made disasters of Katrina, the post-storm levee and flood wall collapses and Rita. For example, here is list of over 100 bloggers in New Orleans who have provided an on-location perspective of what’s happening. On August 25-27, many of these bloggers will take part in the Rising Tide Conference, a “convention for people who care about New Orleans.” From the conference wiki, here is the local bloggers’ mission:

We will come together to dispel myths, promote facts, share personal testimonies, highlight progress and regress, discuss recovery ideas, and promote sound policies at all levels. We aim to be a “real life” demonstration of internet activism as the nation prepares to mark the one year anniversary of a massive natural disaster followed by governmental failures on a similar scale.

The 15-year-old and I will be visiting New Orleans on Monday, August 14. I’ll be blogging, but I won’t be carpet-bagging and I hate to say, we won’t even be doing any volunteer work this visit. We’ll be eating a wonderful meal and enjoying meeting some friends my colleagues and I at Hammock Publishing made in the months following Katrina. I’ll share more about the visit in the coming days.

Bonus link: Shawn Lea’s list of Katrina anniversary events.

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2 thoughts on “Carpet bagging citizen journalists?

  1. First, thanks for the shout out for WBG. I think the tiny tempest over Prince Campbell’s team has blown over, and we appreciate the attention to the Rising Tide conference it’s indrectly generated. We welcome everyone to NOLA (y’all come on down), and we encourage bloggers everywhere to take a minute to remember Katrina, Rita and the Federal Flood of New Orleans this month.

    Enjoy your visit and your meal, and thanx for coming.

  2. At NewOrleansTruth, we’d apprecitate anyone’s suggestions on how to improve it. As we follow Chartreuse’s team’s progress, we’ll also try to discuss the larger picture of who has been blogging about Katrina’s aftermath and what they’ve said in comparison with what the mainstream media have been saying.

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