The new normal

The new normal: (From the NY Times story, “All Terrorism All the Time: Fear Becomes Reality Show“) “Through magnification and repetition, cable news does two opposite things at once: it stokes fear and inures viewers to danger….Television labeled the (airport security) changes “the new normal,” a catchphrase that by yesterday had spread throughout the spectrum.”

For me, the new normal is avoiding TV news.

Bonus: Photo of a guy celebrating the new normal. (via: Nashville is Talking)

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2 thoughts on “The new normal

  1. Since booze and perfume comprise a large fraction of the goods sold in duty-free shops, that part of the business model would seem to be kaput. I wonder how many tens of thousands of dollars, or more, of just-purchased last-minute gifts went into the trash Thursday and Friday? because you couldn’t take anything except ID and a few very specific things onboard in the UK (no iP..s, books, computers, etc.) it all had to get packed or pitched. The thought of a laptop crammed into a suitcase in a luggage hold is pretty scary. So is washing a liter of Scotch out of you clothes.

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