Apple iSue

Apple iSue: When not defending the company’s use of the brand Apple, its lawyers seem busy threatening companies who use the term Pod in their brand. While I’ve blogged (starting in 2004) about the company threatening those who want to use iPod in the context of a publication name, this is the first time I can recall them going after “pod” (but I’m sure there are blawgers out there who follow this more closely). As there are thousands of products that use endless derivations of the word “pod” in their names, this effort could keep some Apple lawyer employed for a long, long time.

I’ve also blogged a few times how wise it was for Apple to not go after any “infringers” of “pod” related to “podcasting” (i.e.) as the term “podcast” and those derivations have handed Apple the biggest winning branding sweepstakes ticket in history. However, I would guess (and I’m not a lawyer, so it is completely a guess) that Apple’s failure to seek-and-destroy podcasting-related companies that use “pod” in their brands would weaken their ability to select others who use the word “pod” in theirs.

(via: Dave Winer)

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