Hope springs anew

Hope springs anew: One of the great things about sports is there’s always next year. The “pre-season” of “next year” started last night for the team for whom I play fan. The 15-year-old and I were there (although when it comes to football, I also am 15) and gave a major thumbs up to Vince Young but were quite alarmed when he got hurt in the fourth quarter. Great quote, however, in this a.m.’s Tennessean: “‘Ankle’s good,’ Young said with a smile. ‘Tough quarterback. I’ll be all right.'” Here’s a photo I shot of Young and the sidelined-due-to-“an-altercation” Lendale White.

Another thing: The stadium formerly known as Adelphia Coliseum is now called LP Field. That’s great, whatever. But here’s some advice to the LP folks: the animated commerical on the jumbtoron needs some re-working. It’s perhaps the worst 60 seconds of animation ever created.

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6 thoughts on “Hope springs anew

  1. I think y’all will be quite happy with Mr. Young. The boy can play some ball. And yes, he is tough…

  2. LP Field – Maybe it’s the influence of King of the Hill (tip of the Stetson to Cole) but I keep thinking this name has something to do with propane.

  3. Lewis P. suggests it has another meaning. I’m hoping it doesn’t get the nickname, “Last Place Field.”

  4. I thought maybe you were going to say that he was going to turn LP field into a pickup line = “Yeah, I’m the guy who owns the stadium where the Titaniums play.”

  5. Well all I can say is, based on the reaction of my entire family (from across the Eastern half of the country, and some in Nashville, and some in construction), it’s a good thing that Louisiana-Pacific is trying this whole marketing thing. Because I had to explain “LP Field” and “what-the-heck-do-they-do, I’ve-never-heard-of-them” several times yesterday.

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