The state of search advertising

The state of search advertising: Scott Karp’s profundity is on display in his “State of Search Advertising” address following his attendance last week at a gathering of search-engine-marketing wonks. (Scott and I attend similar geek-fests.) His post provides much insight on each of the following points:

1. Search marketing has come of age
2. Goolge’s dominance is still growing
3. Effective ROI measurement is far from universal
4. Transparency is declining and the black box is growing
5. Advertisers are getting frustrated and suspicious of search engine hegemony
6. Search marketing is still in its infancy

Speaking of Scott, I had dinner with him tonight at the Atlanta airport — hey, we eat at all the swell spots. Scott not only blogs smart things, when he talks, the same sort of smart stuff comes out. At one point, I almost grabbed my pen and moleskine in order to start taking notes. Today, Scott and I once more shared “faculty” duties at an all-day seminar about “e-publishing” for magazine business and editorial types. I met several people who said they read this blog. Even if they don’t, it was kind of them to introduce themselves and pretend like they read it. Biggest welcomed surprise: a friend with whom I attended school from seventh grade through college was at the seminar and we got to have lunch together. We’ve stayed in touch, but I didn’t know he was going to be there — and he didn’t know I was on the panel until I guess it was too late for him to ask for his money back.