Web/print hybrid magazines

Web/print hybrid magazines: I’ve blogged in the past about my thumbs-up for the creative way in which the folks at JPG magazine have gone about taking an online collaborative, community experience into print and about how they are displaying that certain types of creative and intellectual expression will ultimately seek a print outlet. As I’m both a hopeless wonk of magazines and online communities, these guys had me at hello.

They are now using what they’ve learned doing JPG magazine to create a new startup venture, 8020 Publishing. Apparently (I’m reading between the lines of their blog posts on this), we can expect from them more print-on-demand magazines created by online communities. For narrow niche, short-run magazines created and read by a passionate audience, I think this is a powerful idea. Best indicator of their potential success: they’ve had a couple of years of in-the-trenches experience to learn what works and doesn’t work in this hybrid media they’ve helped to create.

As I’ve recommended looking at JPG Magazine to hundreds of people during the past couple of years, I feel I have a stake in their success. Come to think of it, if they are successful, I think I’ll become a competitor. In the mean time, I’ll be their first and very enthusiastic fan. One suggestion for the new company, however: I think your name, 8020, is the wrong number. What you are pioneering is a bold repudiation of Pareto — what you’re doing is the ultimate in long tail publishing.

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