Music row – cultural battleground?

Music row – cultural battleground? Frankly, what makes the following so interesting is its source, an article in today’s New York Times:

“Country music, the genre of lonely hearts and highways, lost jobs and blue-collar woes, has become a cultural battleground. Conservatism is widely seen as having the upper hand, a red-state answer to left-leaning Hollywood. Democrats on Music Row, the country music capital here, have grown frustrated with that reputation. A group of record-company executives, talent managers and artists has released an online compilation of 20 songs, several directly critical of Mr. Bush and the Iraq war….Democratic songwriters say that they have (in the recent past) hesitated to express political views, for fear of being “Dixie Chicked.” Record company executives said they were leery of discussing their opinions, to avoid damaging artists they represent.

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One thought on “Music row – cultural battleground?

  1. I keep waiting for Toby Keith to write The Ballad of Tailgunner Joe, rehabilitating the late senator from Wisconsin. That should be another ACM winner.

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