Can one actually BitTorrent a ‘magazine’?

Can one actually BitTorrent a ‘magazine’? While one (including me) can debate* whether or not a PDF of a magazine is “the magazine,” Dylan Stableford at FishBowl NY has discovered (again) a new service that is offering free downloads of PDFs of magazines. (However, the PDFs are limited to those who download them for “study purposes” only.) New twist: This time, the service is using BitTorrent.

*A download of music is music and a download of a video is video. But a download of a PDF of a magazine is not a download of the physical magazine. I am not commenting on the legality of what these folks are doing, merely my belief that a “digital facsimile of a magazine” or a “PDF of a magazine” is a distinct and separate medium from the magazine on paper. It’s sort of like suggesting a photo of buttermilk pie tastes the same as buttermilk pie.

I can enjoy the photo — put it in a frame and admire it all day long. Even make it into a screen saver or desktop background. But the real thing tickles a whole different set of senses when I experience it.

Update: Garrick Van Buren does an imitation of my son by easily poking a hole in my logic: a download of music is not “the real thing.” He says: “All recordings are ‘photographs of buttermilk pie.’ A pale, pale substitute for being there.” What he said.

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An amazing 26 seconds on YouTube

An amazing 26 seconds on YouTube: Okay, so maybe it’s not up there with Diet Coke and Mentos clips, but below is a short video on YouTube of a rehersal of Nickel Creek’s mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile’s new band preparing for next week’s concerts in New York, Nashville and Boulder. In Nashville, the Wednesday night concert at the Belcourt is sold out but a 9:30 show has been added. Hurry. See you there.

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