What is New Orleans’ future?

What is New Orleans’ future? The Sunday NY Times has a story that captures that confusing place where debates often lead.


“At one edge of this city’s future are the extravagant visions of its boosters…At the other extreme are the gloomy predictions of the pessimists….Somewhere between these unrealistic visions lies a glimpse of the city’s real future a year after Hurricane Katrina, say many planners, demographers and others here who have been deeply involved in rebuilding.”

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The Nashville Congressman Jim Cooper isn’t named Jerry

The Nashville Congressman Jim Cooper isn’t named Jerry: I took that picture back in April. It’s a shot of a friend of mine, Jim Cooper, and his son, along with my son (with the cool charcoal under his eyes) and daughter. Jim Cooper is the U.S. Congressman who represents Nashville. Friday’s Tennessean (I’m just catching up) had a story about how some people are confusing the name of Jim Cooper with the name of another elected official. Unfortunately, some people think a state senator from Chattanooga named Jerry Cooper who was indicted last week, is Jim. I’ve known and supported Jim for 24 years and he’s perhaps the squeakiest clean politician there is. I wanted to join in the clarification squad: Jim Cooper is not the indicted state senator named Jerry. Oh, by the way, Jim Cooper is also not another Jim who is running for governor and whose yard signs say just Jim.