Chris Thile mini-review

Chris Thile mini-review: I could have written a review in advance of last night’s concert by Chris Thile’s and his “new” band at the Belcourt theatre in Nashville. All the superlatives I anticipated that I’d use are, sure enough, the ones I would use. However, I would not have known that Thile’s band called “How to Grow a Band” would not have the guitarist featured on his soon-to-be-released CD and on his MySpace site, but, rather Bryan Sutton would be playing guitar. (Now that I look back at it, I should have noticed that was Bryan playing on the YouTube video of them practicing.) Four years ago, I mentioned on this blog a rather remarkable time I was able to hear Chris and Bryan play together. If you ever get the chance (like tonight in Boulder, Colo.) to hear them, do it. When Chris Thile’s new CD comes out on September 12, I will review it and the concert in more detail. I’m thinking it should be a podcast.

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