My symphony’s space

My symphony’s space: That local indie band known as the Nashville Symphony not only has a brand new $120 million symphony hall, it also has a brand new free page on MySpace. (Free, as in it is sporting the typical types of flashing banner ads on all MySpace pages.) All standard band features are there, including some audio files to stream or download, the “band’s” schedule, and a profile that says they perform “classical, progressive and acoustic.”

I’ve just “friended” them. No word yet on their “Facebook” plans.

Thanks, David

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Update on Lemur vs. Bransford

Update on Lemur vs. Bransford: It’s nice to see that the dust-up I blogged about earlier today seems to have settled down. The Head Lemur says he’s even going to give John Bransford a “second chance.”

Here’s a quote from The Head Lemur’s blog:

Since my last posting, John Bransford and I have had a series of email communications where we have come to agreement. He will not use my content, I will not dismantle his network. Yes, he is getting a second chance from me.

He will be taking it off line himself and revamping it. He will be sending emails out to everyone outlining his strategy and asking for permission for participation. I suggested that he make it double opt in, so as to afford participants the opportunity to be sure.

The Idea of a network of City Specific Websites who primary news sources are bloggers who live there is really a quite good idea. In addition to the elegance of the software he built to aggregate and present posts and the overall design, it is astonishingly good, and as I demonstrated in my previous postings, fast.

He also has a number of features such as forums, a blog, an ad server, for monetizing the network, because despite the fact that it is a home grown effort, the electric bill never stops. With a good opt-in system and participation this can be a quite nice addition to the internet.

And from John Bransford’s blog:

Sometimes it takes a brick to the head for me to focus. It clears the cobwebs. When we started the application the ethos in the blogsphere was very different that it is today. A few years ago most bloggers would clamor to be carried by anyone who paid enough attention to bother to read their posts.

Its different today and while we implemented changes about 6 months ago to carry only those who give expresses written permission there are some-who have not. We are going to take each site one by one and make sure that isn’t the case.

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Blogger and podcaster magazine

Blogger and podcaster magazine? Count me skeptic for a print(?) publication that describes itself as a “TV Guide for blogs and video podcasts.” First, “TV Guide” is an astoundingly ironic term to use as that franchise has been hammered by technologies proving that print is no longer a viable way to guide viewers around TV programming.

I know nothing about who is doing it, but have decided to bring the term vaporzine out from retirement for this post.

There are a vast array of media opportunities — even print ones — surrounding blogging, podcasting and other participatory and social media. But a print directory of blogs and podcasts is not one of them. First, blogs and podcasts are what Doc Searls and others call the World Live Web — even the search technology that most of us use to be guided around the web fall short when we are seeking insight from the “live” web. Print can interpret and document and memorialize and make permanent. It can turn something into art and add credibility. Print can be a thing of beauty and amazement. But print will never be able to direct one through the living web.

Please note, I have have blogged about creative print-related opportunities — and there are many others. But a TV Guide for blogs is not one of them.</P.
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News from the Nashville techosphere

News from the Nashville techosphere: Oops. Did I say MySI was son-of-Pointcast pushed flash? The other day, when I suggested that Sports Illustrated shouldn’t release a son-of-Pointcast screensaver until the Mac OS version is supported because people like me would immediately start calling it lame even if we couldn’t see it. But then, this morning, I learned from (sorry, paid sub. required) that the company producing the “screenserver®” is here in Nashville. As I have a practice of trying to refrain from casting dispersions towards the hometown tech community, I take back the snarky innuendo suggesting I don’t think this is a really swell idea. I’ll keep those snarky innuendos to myself in the future.

In other Nashville news(?): By the way, there is a rather heated controversy taking place this week in which a Pheonix blogger, The Head Lemur, is doing all he can to cast Nashvillian John Bransford as an evil splogger villian because of the way Bransford’s acquires content for his city websites like Lemur is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore with Bransford’s approach. He calls it, well, a lot of things, but splogging is the term most relevant. (Personally, I guess my measure of splogging is higher as there are sites that scrap this blog and repost the content with no attribution or links coming this way.)

Also (and this is completely unsolicited), while I don’t really understand what John is doing, it is not his fault. He has contacted me a few times and asked to get together but my schedule always conflicted. In my case, he did ask if he could display my RSS feed and I gave him permission to. I am not endorsing his approach or practices in general (again, it’s my fault I don’t know exactly what he’s doing), however, I just wanted to say that in my case, he at least asked for permission to use content from the rexblog. If what he is doing is “splogging,” he would be the only splogger to ever seek and gain my persmission before doing so.

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