News from the Nashville techosphere

News from the Nashville techosphere: Oops. Did I say MySI was son-of-Pointcast pushed flash? The other day, when I suggested that Sports Illustrated shouldn’t release a son-of-Pointcast screensaver until the Mac OS version is supported because people like me would immediately start calling it lame even if we couldn’t see it. But then, this morning, I learned from (sorry, paid sub. required) that the company producing the “screenserver®” is here in Nashville. As I have a practice of trying to refrain from casting dispersions towards the hometown tech community, I take back the snarky innuendo suggesting I don’t think this is a really swell idea. I’ll keep those snarky innuendos to myself in the future.

In other Nashville news(?): By the way, there is a rather heated controversy taking place this week in which a Pheonix blogger, The Head Lemur, is doing all he can to cast Nashvillian John Bransford as an evil splogger villian because of the way Bransford’s acquires content for his city websites like Lemur is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore with Bransford’s approach. He calls it, well, a lot of things, but splogging is the term most relevant. (Personally, I guess my measure of splogging is higher as there are sites that scrap this blog and repost the content with no attribution or links coming this way.)

Also (and this is completely unsolicited), while I don’t really understand what John is doing, it is not his fault. He has contacted me a few times and asked to get together but my schedule always conflicted. In my case, he did ask if he could display my RSS feed and I gave him permission to. I am not endorsing his approach or practices in general (again, it’s my fault I don’t know exactly what he’s doing), however, I just wanted to say that in my case, he at least asked for permission to use content from the rexblog. If what he is doing is “splogging,” he would be the only splogger to ever seek and gain my persmission before doing so.

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