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Blogger and podcaster magazine? Count me skeptic for a print(?) publication that describes itself as a “TV Guide for blogs and video podcasts.” First, “TV Guide” is an astoundingly ironic term to use as that franchise has been hammered by technologies proving that print is no longer a viable way to guide viewers around TV programming.

I know nothing about who is doing it, but have decided to bring the term vaporzine out from retirement for this post.

There are a vast array of media opportunities — even print ones — surrounding blogging, podcasting and other participatory and social media. But a print directory of blogs and podcasts is not one of them. First, blogs and podcasts are what Doc Searls and others call the World Live Web — even the search technology that most of us use to be guided around the web fall short when we are seeking insight from the “live” web. Print can interpret and document and memorialize and make permanent. It can turn something into art and add credibility. Print can be a thing of beauty and amazement. But print will never be able to direct one through the living web.

Please note, I have have blogged about creative print-related opportunities — and there are many others. But a TV Guide for blogs is not one of them.</P.
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  1. They’re probably the same people that send out bogus invoices attempting to trick people to get listed in their print directories.

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