Update on Lemur vs. Bransford

Update on Lemur vs. Bransford: It’s nice to see that the dust-up I blogged about earlier today seems to have settled down. The Head Lemur says he’s even going to give John Bransford a “second chance.”

Here’s a quote from The Head Lemur’s blog:

Since my last posting, John Bransford and I have had a series of email communications where we have come to agreement. He will not use my content, I will not dismantle his network. Yes, he is getting a second chance from me.

He will be taking it off line himself and revamping it. He will be sending emails out to everyone outlining his strategy and asking for permission for participation. I suggested that he make it double opt in, so as to afford participants the opportunity to be sure.

The Idea of a network of City Specific Websites who primary news sources are bloggers who live there is really a quite good idea. In addition to the elegance of the software he built to aggregate and present posts and the overall design, it is astonishingly good, and as I demonstrated in my previous postings, fast.

He also has a number of features such as forums, a blog, an ad server, for monetizing the network, because despite the fact that it is a home grown effort, the electric bill never stops. With a good opt-in system and participation this can be a quite nice addition to the internet.

And from John Bransford’s blog:

Sometimes it takes a brick to the head for me to focus. It clears the cobwebs. When we started the application the ethos in the blogsphere was very different that it is today. A few years ago most bloggers would clamor to be carried by anyone who paid enough attention to bother to read their posts.

Its different today and while we implemented changes about 6 months ago to carry only those who give expresses written permission there are some-who have not. We are going to take each site one by one and make sure that isn’t the case.

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