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From Sunday’s NY Times: The article “It’s Raining Concert Halls” includes this description of Nashville’s new Schermerhorn Symphony Center: “The neo-Classical limestone-clad hall is in keeping with the character of Nashville’s other civic buildings. It has the natural light of the Musikvereinsaal in Vienna and the alcoves and intimate lobby seating of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.”

Gee, that’s exactly what I was about to say. But I was referring to the Symphony’s MySpace page.

Here’s another interesting quote:

“For me, this is really the last essential part for our being the Music City,” (Mayor Bill Purcell) said. Along with the Grand Ole Opry and other bluegrass and country music sites, “this particular symphony hall frankly finishes out that range of venues, of special places, that we had to have,” he said. “We needed this, and we needed it now.”

I say “interesting” because the phrase “bluegrass and country” is an insightful way to describe two of the three popular forms of music (bluegrass and the style of music one hears on the radio that is called “country) that were created in Nashville. The third form of music created here (but in this case, I’m referring more to the creation of a “business” than the creation of a music form) is the genre collectively called “Contemporary Christian.” (It will take me a much longer post to explain and defend those claims, so I’ll save that for later). For those reading this outside of Nashville, the phrase “country and western” is one that is never — and I mean never — used by someone in Nashville.

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  1. The link to the orchestra’s myspace page doesn’t work. There is an extra ” at the end of the address.

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