Katie Couric is vlogging

Katie Couric is vlogging: Forget that TV gig. Katie Couric has a new blog called Couric & Co. at the easy to remember web address: http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/couricandco/main500803.shtml. Actually, one of the “& Co.” folks, Greg Kandra, made all the posts on the blog today, but it has lots of video clips of Katie, including a daily video post called First Look.

Because it’s probably been 25 years since I’ve watched a network “evening news” (they come on at 5:30 in Nashville — who’s watching TV at that time?), I’ll not be posting any reviews of her anchor debut. However, here’s my review of her first “vlogging”: I found it refreshing that the production values and premise of the “First Look” vlog segments are like this: Have someone grab a digital video camera and follow Katie around while she talks about tonight’s news with the producers. No edits — just whatever she says seems to get posted. Also, this seems like a one-take production with no rehearsal. (At least, that’s what it seems after seeing they left several seconds of her doing something with her sweater that would never make it onto the evening news.) Katie walks around “the fish bowl” and talks over the shoulders of the producers. They are hard at work at their flat screen monitors, never looking at the camera — just at Katie or their monitors. The executive editorial staff of the show are all dressed in clothes straight from the set of Good night and Good luck (except no one is smoking). Loosen up the ties, guys. Katie is informal, chatty and joking it up with the gang. However, at times, she seems a little nervous — a bit like Amanda Congdon used to appear.

After watching her vlog post, it’s clear she’s not nearly as funny as ZeFrank, however I’ve decided I like Katie and if I’m ever home at 5:30 when the news comes on here in Nashville — which I never am — I’ll be sure to tune in. But I doubt I’ll TiVo it.

As for the Couric & Co. blog where the videos are being posted: It has all the permalinks, comments, RSS feeds and “add to delicious” badges you’d expect. It has hundreds of comments but I read only a few because they all sounded like, “I love you, Katie…” Except for an easy-to-remember URL, Katie has all the blog bases covered. She & Co. are going to have a seat at the table when any of those blogger types stir up stuff; not like that other guy who used to be the anchor. In the most recent post on her blog, Greg Kandra introduces a new feature of the day called “Word of the Day” and about today’s word, “gravitas,” he writes this: “After hearing that word a few times too often this summer, usually describing something people thought she lacked, Katie said, in exasperation: “I’m convinced gravitas is Latin for testicles.” All of the comments on the post ignore the quote and focus, rather, on how great Katie was on tonight’s news.

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The last Apple rumors you’ll ever need

[Note: After this post was made, I created a Page that keeps a running update of these rumors — many of which proved not to be mere rumors.]

As typical, there are rumors flying around regarding the possibility of an Apple announcement of rumored products. Months ago, I unsubscribed to all RSS feeds of Apple-related news as my mind began to numb when the rumors blurred into more rumors. I’ve discovered that tuning-out Apple rumors is the next best thing to ignoring ESPN for the two-weeks 1leading up to the Super Bowl.

To help others kick the Apple rumor habit, I would like to provide you with all of the rumors you’ll need for the next few years. At different times in the future — starting next week and continuing indefinitely — Steve Jobs will summon the world’s technology media to some location in San Francisco and announce, in no particular order, the following*:

1. Movies via the iTunes store.
2. A “Video Airport Express” that allows you to stream video from your computer wirelessly to your TV.
3. A device that is sort of like an 8″x10″ iPod that does everything a computer does but it won’t be called a tablet computer or an iPod.
4. An iSight/iChat hardware-software combo that works on Windows machines (like when the iPod became available for Windows).
5. Wireless iPod.
6. Wireless iSight (hardware).
7. A wide range of wireless iSight cameras that allow you to automatically beam video to your iPod memory, computer or to stream live online — all with drop-dead simplicity.
8. Devices you place on shelves and hang on walls at home to replace anything you might think of as a “home entertainment center.” (Like this without “the computer.”)
9. Something like the following: A Mighty Mouse-like device that is the computer and works wirelessly with a tiny laser projector or some glasses/earphone device.
10. Newer and newer computers for designers and engineers and video/audio creators and editors and servers that are faster and faster and cheaper and cheaper.
11. A laptop computer that won’t burn a hole in your lap.
12. That he is retiring.
13. That in honor of his retirement, Apple is coming out with a flying car.
14. That they’re coming out with a computer that really doesn’t crash.

*Except for the well-worn rumors included in this list, most are merely wild guesses or stuff I’ve made up. Some of these rumors will be around for years. Also, I guess I need a reason for leaving off one perpetual rumor: iPods don’t need no stinking cell-phone features.

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