m.rexblog.com: Staci Kramer says it’s not that big a deal when mobile versions of websites are announced unless it’s, say, the NY Times (mobile.nytimes.com). However, she points out they could have made it easier on thumb typists if they’d used the nyt.com domain they own. (I still prefer NYTimesriver.com myself.)

Okay, Staci. I couldn’t control myself. This news about mobile.nytimes.com got me so excited, I decided to use the occasion to launch a mobile version of the rexblog at the shortest address I could figure out: m.rexblog.com. No ads. No special features. But it does have full posts and tiny photos and a cute little version of the rexblog lard can. Enjoy.

(Credits: I would like to thank director of rexblog hackery Patrick Ragsdale who used MagpieRSS to create the page in what seemed about five minutes.)

Update: For Staci: mobile.rexblog.com

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3 thoughts on “m.rexblog.com

  1. The credit for that should go to Rafat; he wrote the original post on MoCo and I thought he was listed as author when it was posted to pc. personally, I vote for both since I usually use mobile.whatever to search for a mobile version of a site; thanks for making your address easier.

  2. Thanks Rex. If anyone’s interested in the code it’s all open source. I didn’t have much to do with it except write a couple of lines of code to parse the XML from the rss feeds into a format we liked. That code is also open source so let me know if you want the five lines of code or a how to on magpierss (it’s version 0.72).

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